What Do I Pack?

Things to bring on a Burnham Guides Multi-Day Kayak Trip

We supply sea kayaks, life jackets, paddles, sprayskirts, tents, sleeping bag, pad, all kitchen gear, food and water. Let us know if you'd like to bring any of your own gear. Your kayak must be approved by BurnhamGuides as capable of multi-day expeditions, carrying the necessary gear and performing in potentially rough seas. Camping gear you choose to bring should be backpacking-style so that it can fit into kayak hatches.

During the pre-trip meeting the night before launch, we will give you a 20-liter dry bag for your clothing and a 5-liter drybag for personal items. This should help you in knowing how much to pack.

Required Personal Gear to Bring

  • Two refillable water bottles (sturdy, widde-mouthed like Nalgene) +/or a personal hydration system like Camelbak, totalling at least 2 liters

  • Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteriies

  • Wide-brimmed hat

  • Sunglasses & retainer (polarized aidss in seeing things in the water)

  • Sunscreen, lip balm w/SPF

  • Insect repellant

  • Quick dry towel

  • Personal toiletries and medications


Wet set for paddling:

  • Paddling jacket and pants if you have theem (we have some jackets to lend)

  • Swim trunks or quick-dry shorts

  • T-shirt or two

  • Long-sleeved synthetic top, rash guard orr nylon fisherman's shirt (NOT cotton)

  • Footwear: Crocs, water shoes or sandals. NO flip-flops

  • Paddling gloves highly recommended. 3/4 llength fingers are good.

Dry set for camp/sleeping:

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket

  • Lightweight fleece or wool sweater

  • Long pants

  • Dry shoes and socks

  • Long underwear or PJs to sleep in

  • We strongly recommend a set of non-cotton long underwear that you can wear while paddling or in camp in case we encounter colder temps

Note: Cotton sucks heat from the body and dries very slowly. Anything made of synthetic or nylon will do the opposite.

Optional items

  • Small blow-up or stuffable camp pillow

  • Camp chair (such as "Crazy Creek") if youu have one. If not, we have a few extras

  • Binoculars

  • Camera

  • Waterproof watch

  • Mask and snorkel

  • Fishing gear: Florida saltwater license iis required. 3-day, 7-day or annual licenses can be purchased online

  • Reading or writing material

  • Favorite snacks (we'll have plenty)

  • Alcohol, to enjoy at the end of the paddlling day if you so choose